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Smooch n’ Silky bundle

Smooch n’ Silky bundle is an exclusive offer from Klub Venus & SoKind

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Introducing the Smooch n’ Silky bundle! This amazing bundle is an exclusive offer from Klub Venus & SoKind, which is guaranteed to make you glow all the way from the inside and out. SoKinds Silky Essential is a smooth and silky body lotion made with the purest ingredients to massage and caress your skin together with Smooch from Klub Venus for pleasure and intensity. All in all, the best bundle for a (self)-loving and intimate moment either with yourself or with your partner.

About the products

Silky Essential
✓ For soft and supple skin texture
✓ Long lasting hydration
✓ Restores and maintains a healthy skin barrier

✓ Smooch measures 77x41x60 mm and weights 70g
✓ Charger is included
✓ Smooch consists of three parts; The Vibrator and the two included mouthpieces

+ See all ingredients

Smooch is a small, versatile and travel friendly suctionvibrator that delivers tongue-thrilling intimacy and soft suction kisses. Easy to use whether you're using it alone or with your partner.

Smooch's versatile design allows you to choose the exact stimulation that fit you and your needs best.

With its active and natural extracts from Aloe Vera, Seaweed, and Shea Butter, SoKind's Silky Essential body lotion provides intense moisture and nourishment to the skin. The formula, which contains Seaweed Extract, stimulates collagen production, repairs sun damage, and improves the natural formation of Hyaluronic Acid so that the skin is moisturized and supple, thereby preventing stretch marks.

Jojoba Extract helps the skin retain moisture and minimizes redness and irritation. With its light texture, this lotion is quickly absorbed and leaves the skin feeling silky smooth.

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