Pure Flow

A scalp massager, designed for hair health, enhances blood flow - ideal for complementing our Pure Growth Serum.
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Pure Flow

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Boost your hair's vitality

Transform your hair care routine with our Pure Flow device, made from quality food-grade silicone with REACH, FDA, and ROHS certifications. Designed to work seamlessly with the Pure Growth serum, it gently stimulates the scalp to enhance nutrient absorption and promote healthier, thicker hair.


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Sensation with Substance

Key features

Designed to support the Pure Growth routine, the Pure Flow scalp massager is a versatile tool suitable for all hair types.

This scalp massager is designed to gently exfoliate the scalp, remove dandruff build-up and stimulate blood flow. Combining Pure Flow with Pure Growth creates optimal conditions for product absorption and enhanced hair growth.

Your Pure Flow Ritual

How to use the Pure Flow Scalp Massager

Combining with Pure Growth: Pair the device with Pure Growth serum or your regular shampoo during a shower. Apply the serum or shampoo to your scalp, then use the device to gently massage the area.

Shower massage: Whether using serum or showering, use the Pure Flow device for at least 2 minutes daily, moving slowly across different areas of the scalp.

Repeat: Make this practice a part of your daily self-care routine.

Scalp care and pregnancy

Pure Flow is designed for all women, including expectant and new mothers facing changes that can affect hair health. When used with our Pure Growth serum, this device gently stimulates the scalp, promoting hair growth and reducing hair loss. It aims to boost your hair’s natural vitality and thickness, providing safe support during motherhood and beyond, without any side effects.

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A scalp massager, designed for hair health, enhances blood flow - ideal for complementing our Pure Growth Serum.

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