Pure Growth Serum

A daily hair regrowth serum for women, combining scientific research with natural ingredients to effectively stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss.
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Pure Growth Serum

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Effective ingredients, mild on your scalp

Transform your hair care routine with our AllergyCertified, nature-infused Pure Growth serum. Formulated with Capilia Longa™ and Elaya Renova™, this non-greasy serum is designed to activate hair follicles, stimulate growth, and reduce hair loss. It blends invisibly into your hair, allowing you to enjoy denser, healthier hair through the power of natural, active ingredients without any residue.


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"...specialises in natural and gentle skincare for Mother and Baby"

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Sensation with Substance

Key ingredients

Enriched with essential active ingredients, Pure Growth is crafted to activate hair follicles, enhance hair density, and prevent hair loss. This AllergyCertified formula combines the best of nature and science to deliver healthier, fuller hair.

Capilia Longa™

A plant peptide derived from Turmeric stem cells, proven to revitalize follicles, support hair growth, and reduce hair loss.

Elaya Renova™

Derived from Wild Olive tree stem cells, it fortifies hair strength and enhances volume, while soothing the scalp.


A unique hydrating ingredient that offers deep scalp hydration to relieve sensitivity and itchiness, ensuring a healthy base for hair growth.


A blend of amino acids that moisturizes, conditions, and protects hair color, enhancing gloss and shine.

Sensation with Substance

Rooted in Nature, Proven by Science

In a 150-day clinical study, the ingredient Capilia Longa™ was thoroughly tested for its ability to restore hair. The results were impressive: Capilia Longa™ effectively activated new hair growth and prevented further hair loss.

The study concluded with the following average results:

New hairs
Improved hair density
Hair loss reduction
Increased follicle activation

Your Pure Growth Ritual

How to apply Pure Growth

Separate your hair into five sections, focusing particularly on areas where your hair is thinning. Apply the Pure Growth serum directly to your scalp, lightly pressing the bottle to ensure it distributes evenly. For the best results, use the Pure Flow to massage in the serum.

Leave the serum in; its leave-in formula is designed to provide continuous nourishment.

Make this a daily ritual, either in the morning or evening, as part of your self-care routine. Daily use of Pure Growth helps achieve fuller, more vibrant hair.

Regrowth, made for every hair type

The Hair Growth Set, consisting of Pure Growth serums and our Pure Flow scalp massager, is the perfect combination for all women, including those experiencing hormonal changes during pregnancy that can lead to hair loss.

Our serum is enriched with Capilia Longa™ and Elaya Renova™, ingredients celebrated for their gentle yet effective scalp care, promoting hair growth and minimizing hair loss. Designed to restore your hair’s natural thickness and health, the  Hair Growth Set is ideal for any woman, whether embracing motherhood or seeking stronger, fuller hair. Safe for breastfeeding mothers, this duo offers a powerful and side-effect-free solution for daily hair care and loss prevention.

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Hair Growth Set

A scalp massager, designed for hair health, enhances blood flow - ideal for complementing our Pure Growth Serum.

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