Our Certifications

At SoKind, our mission is to create safe and hypoallergenic skincare for mothers and babies containing only the purest and most natural ingredients and without any potentially harmful ingredients.

That is why it has been a mission of ours to become AllergyCertified so that we can provide our customers with the comfort and safety of knowing that none of our products contain any ingredients that would potentially cause allergies to you or your children.

On the basis of the above, you can safely use SoKind’s products for yourself and your baby, without worrying about the products containing any potentially harmful ingredients. All of our products are so pure, so natural, and so kind.


AllergyCertified is an internationally known allergy label, created in Denmark, which provides customers all over the world with an exact label they can look for when they want to prevent skin allergies.

Being AllergyCertified means that all substances in the product have been carefully reviewed and assessed by a toxicologist, who examines every single ingredient to ensure the least possible risk of allergies.

Furthermore, when products are AllergyCertified, they do not contain any impurities, carcinogens, or endocrine-disrupting chemicals.

Flask-A by the The Danish Consumer Council

Our products are also approved by the Danish consumer organisation ‘Forbrugerrådet Tænk’ by the Danish Consumer Council, which gives products a chemistry rating based on the amount of unwanted chemistry in the product.

This makes it easy for you to see whether a product is completely free of unwanted chemistry or contains a few or many unwanted substances.

SoKind’s products have gotten the very best rating Flask-A (A-Kolben), which means that no problematic chemicals have been found in the content declaration of our products.


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