Love Lines

  Cream for the prevention and reduction of stretch marks.
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Love Lines

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The Ultimate Stretch Mark Minimizer

Elevate your skin routine with our AllergyCertified, fragrance-free Love Lines balm. Powered by Regestril™ and enriched with Mother Nature’s finest, it's your secret to visibly reduce stretch marks and supremely hydrated skin.


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Sensation with Substance

Rooted in Nature, Proven by Science:

Reduction of stretch marks
Stretch mark improvement in color
Stretch mark width reduction
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"Setting a new standard in vegan skincare for mums and babies, SoKind's formulas are grounded within the principles of purity..."

"...specialises in natural and gentle skincare for Mother and Baby"

"We love SoKind because they create natural alternatives for mom and baby, that works for the most sensitive skin..."

"Love Lines from SoKind is a special gem of skincare if you're looking for something natural and deeply nourishing..."

Your Love Lines Ritual

How to apply the Love Lines

Dry Brushing: Start by dry brushing your skin to exfoliate and stimulate blood flow, preparing your skin for better absorption.

Cleansing: Take a bath or shower to cleanse your skin thoroughly, making it ready for the application of the balm.

Application of Love Lines: Apply Love Lines stretch mark balm generously to the targeted areas. For best results apply once in the morning and evening. Regular use, combined with dry brushing and proper cleansing, maximizes the balm's effectiveness in reducing the appearance of stretch marks.

Sensation with Substance

Key ingredients

Infused with five powerhouse ingredients, our formula specifically targets stretch marks while delivering deep hydration. This blend is engineered to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, restore skin elasticity, and deeply moisturize for a rejuvenated skin texture.


A blend of lima bean extracts and peptides proven to dramatically reduce stretch marks and the likelihood of new ones forming.

Jojoba Seed Oil

A hydration miracle that replicates natural skin oils, preventing dryness by deeply moisturizing and fortifying skin resilience.

Shorea Butter

Sourced from the Sal tree, it's key for boosting skin elasticity and deep hydration, and improving skin texture.

Sea Buckthorn

Loaded with antioxidants and fatty acids, it promotes skin cell regeneration, and bolsters skin health and hydration.

Aloe Vera Leaf Juice

Accelerates skin repair, boosts collagen, and hydrates, reducing irritation and enhancing softness.

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Love Lines and Pregnancy

While our stretch mark cream is a game-changer for all who seek to minimize stretch marks, it excels in caring for the unique needs of expectant women's skin. It's more than just a pregnancy stretch mark cream; it's a powerful skin revitalizer enriched with Regestril™, a nutrient-thick mixture of lima bean extracts and peptides.

Love Lines and cesarean sections

This formula specifically confronts pigmentation, while renewing the skin around stretch marks, leading to a significant decrease in visibility - therefore also an ideal choice for those with cesarean sections. This cream is your ultimate remedy whether you're expecting, postpartum, or simply striving for smoother, more supple skin.

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Love Lines

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